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A1: Google Beyond the Basics

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Communicate, Collaborate, Engage: Google Beyond the Basics





Building a better Search 

  • Inurl:reciclar

  • site:.de/.it/.es/.ch... To specify a country from which you want your results: use 
  • intitle: or intext:
  • Combine for an even narrower search: site:.cl + intext:reciclaje 
  • Search tips & tricks 
  • image search [Be sure to click on search tools and update usage rights if you intend to do more than just link to an image.] 



  • Work smarter not harder with Templates 
    • Know-Want-Learn 
      • Tip: If you don't have Google classroom to share multiple copies of a document with students... Grab the share link and change the word "view" or "edit" to the word "copy"  when you paste that link into your website. When students click on it, it will force a copy of the document to be made so each student has their own copy to work from. 
    • Additional Templates
      • To add your content to a template 
        • Under the <<File>> menu select <<Make a copy>>
    • More on google drawing from Ditch That Textbook





Images for interpersonal communication 



YouTube for Interpretive Communication & Collaboration

  • YouTube Playlists

Part I (10 min.): 

    1. Find a YouTube video you can use with your students.
    2. Click <<share>> and copy the link. 
    3. Complete this form


Form responses: See below or Go directly to response sheet...


Part II (20 min.): Google Playlist Help

    1. Identify 1-2 videos of your colleagues that you would also like to use.
    2. On the page with the video click <<+Add to>>
    3. Click <<Create new playlist>> and name the list something that relates to a theme or topic in which you might incorporate that video.
    4. Add the video to that new playlist. 
      1. Your playlists are saved under "my channel" in YouTube. 


Google Translate: From Plagiarism to Proficiency


Google Voice 

Create a greeting

Using a phone

  1. On a phone, call your Google Voice number.

  2. During the greeting, tap Star (*).
  3. Enter your PIN, and tap Pound (#).
  4. Open the settings by tapping 4.
  5. Follow the instructions to record a new greeting. 


Additional Resources 

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