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World Language Tools



A wiki for teachers of World Languages interested in integrating emerging technologies.


 “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be

those who cannot read or write,

but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

- Alvin Toffler


21st Century Skills Defined by ACTFL

Learning & Innovation Skills 


Students as effective communicators use languages to engage in meaningful conversation, to understand and interpret spoken language and written text, and to present information, concepts, and ideas. 


Students as collaborators use their native and acquired languages to learn from and work cooperatively across cultures with global team members,sharing responsibility and making necessary compromises while working toward a common goal. 

Creativity & Innovation

Students as creators and innovators respond to new and diverse perspectives. They use language in imaginative and original ways to make useful contributions. 

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Students as inquirers frame, analyze,and synthesize information as well as negotiate meaning across language and culture in order to explore problems and issues from their own and different perspectives. 

Literacy Skills 


Students as active global citizens evaluate authentic sources to understand how media reflect and influence language and culture. 


Students as informed global citizens access, manage, and effectively use culturally authentic sources in ethical and legal ways. 


Students as productive global citizens use appropriate technologies when interpreting messages, interacting with others, and producing written, oral, and visual messages. 

Life & Career Skills 

Flexibility & Adaptability: 

Students as flexible and adaptable language learners are open-minded, willing to take risks, and accept the ambiguity of language while balancing diverse global perspectives. 

Initiative & Self-Direction: 

Students as lifelong learners are motivated to set their own goals and reflect on their progress as they grow and improve their linguistic and cultural competence.

Social & Cross-Cultural Skills: 


Students as adept language learners understand diverse cultural perspectives and use appropriate socio-linguistic skills in order to function in diverse cultural and linguistic contexts.
Productivity & Accountability: Students as productive and accountable learners take responsibility for their own learning by actively working to increase their language proficiency and cultural knowledge.  

Leadership & Responsibility:


Students as responsible leaders leverage their linguistic and cross-cultural skills to inspire others to be fair, accepting, open, and understanding within and beyond the local community.  



ACTFL 21St Century Skills Meet Technology Infographic by lryeazel


ACTFL 21st century World Languages Skills Map 2011



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Links on this website represent just a small portion of the useful tools the web has to offer. It is a place to start.

Which direction will you choose to go? 


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