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Finding and Organizing Content

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Engage in World Cultures 


Organizing Content/Social Bookmarking


Using Authentic Resources

Create Your Own Close Reading Task 

(Common question words/phrases for text dependent questions: How..., Why..., What can we infer & where is the evidence, What's the effect of..., comparison questions)

Lectura: ¿Cómo es el cuy?

Infográfico: Animales de Perú

Infográfico: El pequeño gigante

Sito Web: http://cuymagico.pe 


Technologies to Help with Close Reading Tasks 


Other Reference Materials


Feed Readers/News Aggregators


Tags & Tagging: adding of keywords or commonly used terms to content. This process makes it easier to locate the content again in the future.


Some Useful Google Tools:

Find these and many more at More Google



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