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Seminar Demos: Blogs-Microblogs 



Seminar Demos: Blogs-Microblogs

Create your own blog...





Add widgets, news and photos



Class blog examples & information:

BloggingTeachers: a site full of information on how to become a blogging teacher.

Global Collaboration: here is what an elementary school is up to. Look at the links under categories for more tech in the classroom ideas.

Workshop Demos



Seminar Demos: Wikis



Seminar Demos: Podcasts




Constructive Commenting

  • Edgehill Spanish
  • Cross School French Collaboration: Blake School
  • Constructive Commenting

    Starters recommended by Anne Davis in Blog2Learn

    This made me think about....... 

    I wonder why....... 

    Your writing made me form an opinion about....... 

    This post is relevant because.......

    Your writing made me think that we should....... 

    I wish I understood why....... 

    This is important because.......

    Another thing to consider is....... 

    I can relate to this.......

    This makes me think of....... 

    I discovered....... 

    I don't understand.......

    I was reminded that.......

    I found myself wondering.......


Your Ideas

Tell us how you use these or other tools for creating a web presence. Don't forget to give us your web address to check out the cool things you are doing with Web 2.0. Visit the Your Ideas Page to contribute.


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